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I Will Prepare Nigeria Party Jollof Rice

Jollof Rice needs no introduction; It is unarguably the most common food in Nigeria and now even in West Africa with all the Jollof wars going on. Imagine, it’s got its own war, talk about being popular. Jollof rice is a favourite in every Nigerian home because it is literally the all weather food as it goes with practically everything.

Why Should You Hire Me?

We all know how Party food comes from a world of its own. It’s more interesting eating a party meal than a home-cooked meal. Call us dreamers but party food is cooked with more love, happiness, and energy. If you’ve been where party food is being cooked, sure you can relate. Party Jollof rice has more flavours and that smokey taste which makes it taste better than the average jollof rice. There’s something about Party Jollof Rice, honestly, we think it’s a mind thing. Because one cannot eat party Jollof and not enjoy the taste even when in some parties the rice turns out to be hard.

From plantain, bananas, vegetables, sauces, stews and even soups! Yes ! some people eat it with soups. Honestly, if we bring together all the Jollof rice we have eaten, pretty sure it’ll make up more than 100 bags of rice or even more. Jollof rice seems like just a simple meal, but there are levels to this thing. There’s Jollof rice and then there’s Party Jollof Rice. As a Nigerian, you should understand the difference.


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