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Ik zal Egusi-soep bereiden

Egusi also is known as the melon seed, which is that fat and protein-rich seeds of some cucurbitaceous plants and is the major ingredient in the popular Nigerian Egusi soup. Nigeria is one of the major cultivators of Egusi so it’s no surprise that it is a popular delicacy in several parts of the country.

Waarom zou u mij inhuren?

The soup is as a result of the egusi seeds being used as thickeners after they have been grounded. Of course, we know the major ingredients of Nigerian soup mixtures; pepper, stock, vegetables, oil, meat, fish etc. it becomes egusi soup when the blended seeds are added. Bitter leaf, ugwu leaf are common vegetable choices for this delicacy. This egusi soup is very popular among the Igbos, Ibibios and Efik people. Egusi is rich in protein, eba, semo, poundo yam to even amala. It’s everyone’s favourite!


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