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Why You Should Join

More bookings from customers around the corner.

Boost your Booking

Through our platform, you will be able to reach and connects to new customers easily without having to do much. Because offers a wonderful client to chef experience. Our clients ranges from local and international communities. Clients will reach out to you to enjoy your creative cooking skills. You are in lead and can can provide customers the restaurant at home experience as they wish.

Manage Easily

Our platform is user friendly and easy to use and access. We have a very secure dashboard that ensures your services and information is well detailed. 

1. Feel free to create your list of dishes and menus.
2. Use Take a Chef chat to speak with clients and personalize your service.
3. Receive reviews from clients for your services.
4. Benefit from a personalized online profile with your photos and customer reviews.


This platform create a source of income for you as a chef. It also offers the flexibility of a freelance service. Below are some of the followings benefits.

1. helps you to find new clients, all you have to worry about is cooking.
2. After each service, promptly receive your corresponding fee in your bank account.

Our Pricing Plans​

Options you have as a Chef/Cook.

Free for 30 days


  • No of credits - 60
  • No of Services - 10
  • No of Featured Services - 2
  • Badge - NO
  • Banner Options - YES
  • No of skills - 15
  • Private Quick Chat - YES
30 for 30 days

Basic Membership

  • No of credits - 90
  • No of Services - 20
  • No of Featured Services - 10
  • Badge - NO
  • Banner Options - YES
  • No of skills - 20
  • Private Quick Chat - YES
60 for 6 Mons

Silver Membership

  • No of credits -120
  • No of Services - 25
  • No of Featured Services - 10
  • Badge - Plus Member
  • Banner Options - YES
  • No of skills - 25
  • Private Quick Chat - YES
130 for 1 Year

Platinum Membership

  • No of credits -120
  • No of Services - 30
  • No of Featured Services - 20
  • Badge - Plus Member
  • Banner Options - YES
  • No of skills - 30
  • Private Quick Chat - YES

Frequently Asked Questions

+ - Options you have as a client
Anyone can register using this platform, it’s all for professional chef and non-professional chefs or cooks. If you have a solid background of being a good cook without having a certificate to be called a chef, you can as well sign in and use the platform to your own advantage and any person that has prior experience or training as a chef can also offer their services through . The objective of the website is to offer a wide variety of chef’s & cook's profiles so that the client can find the right menu and profile for every occasion.
+ - What are the requirement to become a cook4me chef/cook?
  • Registration is compulsory
  • Chefs must fill in all necessary personal details
  • Documents such as passport or driving license must be uploaded during the signing up process to ensure cook4me keeps track of all the registered chefs/cooks.
  • All registered chefs must apply for VOG(certificate of good conduct) for security reasons.
  • If you earn more than 25,000 per year you must be registered by the Chamber of Commerce as a freelancer, and therefore calculate your tax. But if you earn underneath that amount, you must have a VAT number, this goes through the tax authorities(belastingdienst). This is arranged by the person registering as a chef/cook, so you don’t not have to pay extra money for Tax declarations.
+ - What is the pricing for the chefs/cooks?
Chefs/cooks will have the freedom to fill in their own price on their food menu meal they will be cooking for the clients.
+ - Do I need to pay in order to use
Yes, as mentioned above , there is a cheap and reasonable subscription plan guiding our platform. is a platform that understand the people and would always offer the best of services that would please anyone using their platform. also earns 10% of the total amount of each order.
+ - How much do I charge for my services?
The price is always set by the chef. Cook4me is a platform through which chefs/cooks can obtain new clients, however every chef/cook is free to determine the value of their services and charge accordingly.
+ - What must be included in the price of the menu?

The total price should include:

  • Menu design
  • Preparation of the dishes in the client's house (There is the possibility of elaborating a time and place for the menus that require longer preparation time).
  • Service
  • Cleaning up

If the client wants any additional service (drinks, additional groceries or cutlery...) that would be charged on the side adding to the total charge.

+ - What is the process I should follow to receive requests through
To receive service requests from customers it is essential to have a complete chef profile. Once validated by the team, you will begin to receive service requests in your personal dashboard message or e-mail. And by responding to the request with your menu suggestion, the client will be able to reserve your services by paying the full cost of the service. After the service is done, Cook4me will pay the chef's/cooks share by bank transfer or PayPal.
+ - Why can't I call or send an email before the order is made?
We require all contact between chefs and clients to be through the website before the reservation/orders are made so that we can maintain your privacy, offer customer services and adhere to the terms and conditions of Cook4me. Once the customer has made a order, the contact information will be available to both the chef and the client. To allow them to finalise the last details in a timely manner. We recommend that you keep using the website to message, so that there is a record of every conversation in case of any inconvenience or misunderstanding.
+ - How do customer ratings work?
Customer ratings are a key part of cook4me. After every service the client receives a feedback form by email to evaluate the service that the chef/cook provided. The feedback includes questions regarding the quality of the food, explanation of the dishes, cleaning of the utensils and kitchen as well as the overall service. Chefs with good evaluations will invoke higher confidence from customers which will be essential to have a strong profile.
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+ - What happens if I don't attend a reserved service?
In cook4me we take very seriously the responsibility and respect between customers and chefs. Every incident would be analysed individually by our team, to decide if the chef must be removed from our platform. Cook4me bases its values on the mutual confidence between customers and chefs, that's why we provide the tools of communication; in order to interact before the reservation or order. In addition, we also provide the emails and phone numbers after reservation/orders to inform the both parties of any problems that may arise prior to service.
+ - Do I have to pay tax on my earnings?
Cook4me recommends that you consult our helpdesk regarding your tax obligations. Because as a registered freelance chef, you are obligated to pay your taxes for your earnings. And if you aren’t making about 25000 euro a year as a none registered freelancer, you are also obligated to ask for a VAT number to ensure all your tax duties are meet.
+ - How can I establish communication with my client?
All communication prior to service will happen through the website. This way, the chef and the client will have a record of the messages that can be looked back at, in case there are any incidents. Once the order is set, the chef and the client will exchange information so they can finalise the offer. However, we recommend that you keep using the website to message, so that there is a record of every conversation in case of any inconvenience or misunderstanding.
+ - How much time do I have to answer or reject a customer request?
We recommend you to answer as quickly as possible because the client receives various proposals from chefs in a few hours. As soon as the client finds the profile that they like, they can reserve the service, The platform prioritizes the chefs with a faster response time.