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Our Mission:

Start Today For a Great Future

For chefs

Cook4me is simply a platform that connects those who loves to cook with those who love to eat. Isn’t that simple?

Do you love cooking? Are you passionate about cooking? This is an opportunity to express your passion by doing what you love doing at your spare or professional time, and at the same time earn a living by making money from it.

For clients

Do you love eating a good home-made, traditional food? And you want to know how well and clean your food is being made? Or maybe you are just tired of paying high cost of bills ordering  and buying food you would like to eat? Then cook4me.nl is the platform that gives you the opportunity to connect with those that can make your favorite home-made meals at any time , any day   whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner within your neighborhood at your own price range or tags.


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Active Chefs/Cooks


Our Values:

+ - Our customer comes first:
Customers are the center of our platform and everything we do. And we must understand them deeply. Every customer idea is welcomed and appreciated . we walk in our customers shoes to drive our decision making(and by customer we mean chefs/cooks, restaurants and consumers). Their trust is our main priority and we have no other choice than to deliver.
+ - We are relentless and motivated:
This job is tough. There will be loads of challenges. We either knock them down, or figure out a way to solve the problems. Hard work matter and we will never stop giving our best.
+ - We succeed as a team:
We demonstrate respect and practice empathy to drive our people and our teams closer together. We disagree and commit . But the company comes first.
+ - We deliver results
We take responsibilities for the tasks at hand and we deliver them in a high quality way. We are accountable , we follow through and we let people know if we are off track. We don’t shy away from from hard decisions. For us results matter.
+ - We think big:
We imagine what is seemingly impossible, not what has been done before. We are changing the way people eat, work and operate retail and chef businesses. We need to expand what we are doing, increase the quality of what we are doing and fundamentally transform what we are doing as we are early in this revolution.
+ - We embrace change:
As a company, we know the road ahead will always be full of twists and turns. We are methodical about planning, long and short term, about communicating and about follow-up, but the world changes fast and often.

Our Professionals

Team behind Cook4Me

Cook4me.nl was founded in 2020 by fredrick Efosa Erahon. Since the summer of 2021, the team has grown from a founder to a team of 12 people. Our ambition is to make cook4me the solution for eating and experiencing what a good home-made food feels like in the Netherland, Europe and the rest of the world.

Mr. Fredrick Efosa






Mr. Fredrick


Interested in Joining Cook4Me?

Come Over!

Our office is located in a beautiful location at the Amsterdam-zuid business district . Here we are working every day to improve the website and to ensure that the platform meets the wishes of our customers( and by customers we mean chefs/cooks, restaurants and the consumers).

We would therefore like to hear about what you think can be improved or what you think is good.
Send us a message via our contact us page or mail us via info@cook4me.nl, call us on 085-00001003 or visit our office in Amsterdam.